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Who is Telkom?

Telkom is a leading information and communications technology (ICT) services provider in South Africa, offering fixed-line, mobile, data and information technology (IT) services.

BCX and Gyro are both wholly owned by the group. BCX is our leading technology company that provides ICT solutions. Gyro manages masts and towers, develops properties, and manages property services on behalf of the group.

One of Telkom’s key objectives to future success is to build a high-performance, values-driven culture. The culture of an organisation is one of the principal sources of its competitive advantage and brand differentiation. Telkom is committed to conduct its business in an ethical manner based on its core values and acceptable principles.

Telkom’s purpose, vision and values

To lead in the converged ICT market through deep and credible relationships and a distinctive customer experience by:

  • leading in converged solutions;
  • providing a quality network with unmatched reach;
  • offering end-to-end digital solutions in the business community;
  • creating innovative and pervasive broadband consumer services;
  • being the wholesale provider of choice; and
  • being the best place for committed and accountable people to work.

Our Vision structure

Shareholding as at 31 March 2018

Telkom is a JSE-listed company with the share code TKG. Our equity shareholding and debt holding information are provided below.

Equity shareholding
Telkom credit ratings
Investors Service
    Standard & Poor’s
Issuer rating          
Long-term global scale   Baa3     BB+
Long-term national scale   Aa1.za    
Outlook   Stable     Stable
Last review date   28/3/2018     18/4/2018
South African listed debt
Listed bonds   TL20 TL24 TL27*
    TL22 TL25 TL28*
    TL23 TL26 TL29*
Commercial paper       TLC04

* Issued in April 2018.

Telkom ’s operating structure

The organogram alongside sets out our operating structure. Further information on each division and subsidiary is provided on the pages that follow.